Network! Network! Network! This is my personal list of social networking site for women. Network will provide great friendships and possible customers. This is my personal list of social networking sites. Not all are business related, but they feature extraordinary women

1. -Join our Social Network for Women of Color in Direct Sales. Explore and Share!

2. A Social Network for Women in Business, Women Entrepreneurs, and Bloggers

3. To bring smart business related strategies, support and tips to aspiring & existing women entrepreneurs.

4. Magazine for Women in Business

5. Internet Marketing and Personal Development

6. Executive network for women of all races culture and backgrounds

7. DIVAS are Spirit-led, purpose driven & mission focused individuals.We are Strong Independent people who have a great appetite for success.

8. We are a diverse, innovative, emergent organization seeking enthusiastic members and alliances with organizations who cater to womenpreneurs

9. This site was created to support work at home divas and those seeking legitmate work at home or business opportunities.

10. We collectively share an arsenal of marketing strategies. This is a community where businesses and community connect!

11. A community where women support each other, through networking,building relationships,gain resources to grow in their business

12. social network for women entrepreneurs

13. This Network is for Serious, Inspired, Motivated. Homebased Business Owners. Joining Together Makes a Difference.

14. A community where fabulous women voice the latest on beauty, fashion, celebrity news, lifestyle, relationships, and more.

15. The place for the woman entrepreneur, her business and every other aspect of her life!